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  • 拥有专业的AMS(美国蒙特梭利教育协会)教研团队,所有老师经过严格的选拔和培训
  • 聘请了国内外顶尖的教育专家,不定期为爱多纷提供专业的教学指导
  • 提供专业的双语教学,严选北美外教
  • We have a professional AMS (America Montessori Association) teaching and research team, and all teachers are strictly selected and trained.
  • We invite preschool education experts to do training and provide professional teaching guidance.
  • We strictly select foreign teachers from North America to provide professional bilingual teaching.
  • 北京蒙特梭瑞教育科技中心创始人






    • 常年赴欧洲、北美等地学习、访问,结合最新的国际教育资讯,研究及开发与国际接轨的教育教学理念和培训课程
    • 从事蒙氏教育工作二十年,曾任中国商务部幼儿园保教主任多年
    • 为国内蒙氏幼儿教育培养人才近2万名
    • 为数百所幼儿园建立蒙氏教学体系
    • 中央科教频道、悠扬传媒、光线传媒等栏目嘉宾

    Founder, Beijing Montessori Education Technology Center.

    Nationally renowned senior Montessori Education Expert.

    International Montessori Education Visitors.

    Montessori series training course master planner.

    Domestic infant care course pioneer.

    Won the title of outstanding national youth at the provincial and ministerial level.

    • Study and visit in Europe, North America and other places all year round, combined with the latest international education information. Research and develop educational.
    • concepts and training courses that are in line with international standards. Engaged in Montessori education for 20 years, and served as the kindergarten.
    • director of the Ministry of Commerce of China for many years.
    • Trained nearly 20,000 talents for domestic Montessori early childhood education.
    • Establishing Montessori teaching system for hundreds of kindergartens. Guest of CCTV-10、Uyoung Media、Enlight Media, etc.




    • 赴美国旧金山MTEC 学习AMS0~3岁及3~6岁蒙氏教师培训课程
    • 学习美国Resources for Infant Educares(RIE 0-2岁)课程
    • 常年旅居美国、加拿大,拥有多年美国、加拿大幼儿园管理工作经验
    • 网络儿童教育作家

    Graduated from South China Normal University, Majoring in Early

    Childhood Education.

    Education Consultant in Montessori Preschool.

    Lecturer of Adding Technology Co.,Mainly taught in Parenting and Montessori Mathematics education.

    • Learn 0-3 and 3-6 Montessori Teacher Training Courses in the United States, AMS.
    • Learn 0-2 Resource for Infant Educares Coursesin the United States, RIE.
    • Residing in the United States and Canada.Experience in Montessori preschool management in USA and Canada.
    • Early Childhood Education Writer.
  • 邀请知名设计团队,采用与国际接轨的“庭院教育”空间设计理念,1500平米超大挑高空间、全透明玻璃门设计,让孩子亲近大自然的同时给孩子最大限度的自由活动的环境,支持孩子的自由探索和发展,用孩子和环境的交互滋养孩子的内在生命力。
  • 园区内装修材料选用进口环保型品牌,符合欧美E0级标准,室内空间与家具均为圆角打磨,教室门缝均装有防夹手软包,为孩子打造一个自然、安全、健康的环境。
  • We invite well-known design teams and adopt the international standarded space design concept "courtyard education". By using 1500 square meters of large space with transparent glass door design, it brings children close to nature and gives them free space to the greatest extent, and supports children to explore and develop freely, also nourishes children's inner vitality with the interaction of children and the environment.
  • All the building materials in the center come from the environmental friendly manufacturers, which qualify for E0 Standard of Western Requirement. Interior area and furniture are well-rounded, and classroom doors are equipped with safe protector, in order to create a natural, safe and healthy environment for children.
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    The fresh air system used in the center is imported brands to ensure and accelerate the natural circulation of air in the park. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp in the classroom can kill 99% of the bacterial contaminants and viruses.

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