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LOVE DOLPHIN International Educational Institution
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  • 大专或本科以上学历,学前教育或教育专业毕业,熟悉0-3/3-6岁婴幼儿成长规律和需求
  • 需有2年以上蒙氏班级主班经验。有较强的班级管理能力,团队协作精神,具备环境创投、活动组织、教学组织、家长沟通方面的能力
  • 持有AMI或AMS证书者优先
  • 有双语能力和艺术特色优先
  • 了解和热爱蒙特梭利教育,热爱生活,兴趣爱好广泛,有亲和力
  • College degree Bachelor or above, majored in pre-school education or education, familiar with the development trends and needs of infants
  • and young children aged 0-3/3-6.
  • More than 2 years of experience of being a head teacher in Montessori class. Having strong ability in class management, teamwork spirit,
  • environmental establishment, activity organization, teaching organization and parent communication.
  • AMI or AMS certificate is preferred.
  • Bilingual ability or artistic characteristics is a plus.
  • Understanding and love for Montessori education, having a positive attitude towards life, versatile and easy going.
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  • 大专或本科以上学历,学前教育或教育专业毕业
  • 有双语能力和艺术特色优先
  • 欢迎应届毕业生或有有意向成为蒙氏老师的家长
  • 了解和热爱蒙特梭利教育,热爱生活,兴趣爱好广泛,有亲和力
  • College degree or above, majored in pre-school education or education.
  • Bilingual ability and artistic characteristics is preferred.
  • Graduates or parents interested in being Montessori teachers are welcome.
  • Understand and love Montessori education, love life, have a wide range of hobbies, and have affinity.
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  • 大专以上学历,市场营销相关专业优先,形象气质佳,可接受优秀应届毕业生
  • 1年以上早教、双语幼儿园等教育行业市场相关经验者优先
  • 普通话标准,有团队合作精神和敬业精神,执行力好,抗压能力强
  • 熟练使用办公软件、具备基本的计算机操作能力
  • College degree or above, marketing-related majors are preferred, decent appearance and manner, excellent fresh graduates are acceptable.
  • More than one year of experience in the education industry such as early education and bilingual kindergartens is preferred.
  • Fluent in mandarin Chinese, good team worker and dedicated, good implementation skills, ability to work under pressure.
  • Familiar with office software and basic computer operation skills.
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  • 大专及以上学历,市场、广告等相关专业优先,可接受优秀应届毕业生
  • 具备优秀的创新开拓能力及良好的人际交流协调能力,有一定数据分析能力
  • 优秀的文字功底和有创意的文字表达能力
  • 勤奋好学,做事认真踏实,热爱教育培训行业,有团队精神
  • College degree or above, majored in marketing or advertising is preferred, excellent fresh graduates are acceptable.
  • Having excellent innovation ability, good communication skills and coordination ability, and data analysis ability is preferred.
  • Excellent and creative writing skills.
  • Diligent, earnest, practical, passionate about education training industry, team spirit.
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  • 大专及以上学历,艺术相关专业,可接受优秀应届毕业生
  • 熟练掌握PS、AI、CDR、PR等制作软件
  • 工作细致认真、有责任感,乐于学习、沟通能力强
  • 个人作品请随简历一起附上
  • College degree or above, majored in art, excellent fresh graduates are acceptable.
  • Proficient in PS, AI, CDR, PR etc..
  • Meticulous, responsible, and willing to learn and with good communication skills.
  • Please attach your personal work with your resume.
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  • 大专或以上学历,计算机或相关专业,可接受优秀应届生
  • 熟悉网络设备的设置与管理,公司局域网的维护,计算机系统安装等
  • 有独立分析和处理网络故障、电脑故障能力
  • 身体健康、吃苦耐劳,有良好的沟通协调能力和团队合作精神; 耐心,诚实正直;有良好的职业道德和职业操守
  • College degree or above, majored in computer science or related, excellent fresh graduates are acceptable.
  • Familiar with the setup and management of network equipment, maintenance of company LAN, installation of computer system, etc..
  • Independent ability to analyze and deal with network failures and computer failures.
  • Healthy, hard-working, good communication skills and teamwork spirit; patient and honest with good professional ethics and integrity.
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